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Bio: Brian Guequierre (pronounced “jig”+“air”)


I attended the University of Texas for both my undergraduate degree in English Literature, and my Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law.  Since graduating in 1998 with my JD I clerked for a session on the Court of Criminal Appeals – the Texas Supreme Court for criminal law -  which was a generally unpleasant but valuable experience, and then worked for two hours at a mid-size firm before realizing definitively that I could never be happy working for someone else.  In law school you’re taught over and over again that “your position on any given issue is determined the moment your client walks through your door” – meaning that your job is to advocate on the client’s behalf regardless of how you feel about the underlying moral or philosophical issues at play.  I could never accept that and realized the only way I could ensure that I did not have to compromise my own beliefs or integrity was to be my own boss, start my own firm, and take only cases I believed in for clients I wanted to help and felt I could work with. 


That’s what I’ve been doing ever since, and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. My practice has grown and sustained itself this whole time without any advertising or even a yellow-pages listing, only through word-of-mouth referrals and the Travis County Bar Association’s referral program, and I’ve largely been able to hire friends and neighbors, which has been nice, getting to work with people I enjoy.  I'm very proud of several of my former clerks who have gone on to become outstanding attorneys themselves, even though it's hard to replace good clerks, and looking back on it makes me feel old...  I am licensed to practice in both state and federal courts, and have litigated both bench and jury trials at all levels of these courts, including appeals, with much success.  After ten years in practice, I finally decided I should probably put up a sign in front of my office & after another six I finally got around to building this website for the practice, just to make it easier for people to find us, and so when they Google me something will come up besides random case settings, soccer, and Baha’i hits.  I’m an active soccer player and coach, and an active member of the Baha’i Faith, but neither one of those things is very informative for prospective clients, which really hasn’t mattered much, due to the large percentage of word-of-mouth referrals I’ve had.  That said, after turning 46 this past summer, I decided to go ahead and conform to some basic societal and business norms, so here it is… ;)


I live in East Austin a block away from my office with my beautiful wife & three children, whose teams I coach in the local soccer rec-league.  Our client's tell me they like being able to pull up and park without having to worry about meters or garages, but we're still very central and convenient to access, and only a couple miles from downtown and all the courthouses, right on the edge of the growing Mueller development.  The tortoise below, "Donk", is the office mascot, and he's just a part of the menagerie of exotic critters that call our neighborhood home.  Keep your eyes peeled and drive safely,  on the lookout for peacocks, goats, chickens, and guinea hens - not to mention plenty of kids.  This little part of Austin really feels like a small town at times, or an old-fashioned neighborhood, and I really enjoy working with so many of my neighbors and kid’s classmates, not just in soccer and with my practice but also with the the junior youth service program that I've been involved with the last six years or so, with a bunch of the kids from the neighborhood, helping them find their own paths to be of service to their communities.  I'm also an avid surfer, waterman,  and naturalist, and have traveled and worked throughout parts of Africa, Europe, and the Americas.  I am a Canadian by birth, American by naturalization, and a world citizen by choice.